The qualification refers to the vocational dedication of kinesiologists with a high professional level. 

In most countries there is a professional organization that unites and qualifies kinesiologists.  The qualification is therefore a priority status within our profession. This is what differentiates the „livelihood kinesiologist” from a continuously trained professional, with true respect towards this profession. 

Our qualification levels are in all respects compliant with international standards.

Certification levels for the „HKF’s certified kinesiologists”

Steps to begin the qualification process:

1. Fill in the application form for the certification process

2. You must attach a copy of the diplomas / certificates / certifications certifying the relevant level of training (scanned is sufficient)

We are accepting the certificates of any internationally recognized kinesiology system for the qualification. As can be seen from the table above, everyone has to do the Touch for Health I-IV. training courses, because this is the basis for every kinesiology branch we know. Hungarian teachers of various systems can be found on our website. Az országunkban tanulható, nemzetközileg elismert kineziológiai rendszereket alább olvashatod. For internationally recognized kinesiology systems that can be learned in our country, read below.

The recognition of a diploma issued by another international kinesiology organization is possible on the basis of individual judgment.

Repetitions are included in the total study hours.

To certify the subjects listed in other requirements, we accept all diplomas / certificates / certifications from which we can find out that the given subject has been taught to you in the specified hours.

For example, if you have a certification in healthcare, to prove your health knowledge, your diploma / certificate is appropriate. If you have participated in a self-knowledge group, a certificate issued by a team leader can also be accepted. 

If you sign up to Level I, where 24 hours of communication are reuired, but you’ve done 64 hours, then later, when you want to move on to level III, you no longer need to submit the related documents again, you only have to indicate on the application form that it has been done before. 

3. Proof of payment of registration and exam fee.

The qualification is accompanied by an examination in accordance with international standards.

The exam consists of two parts:

1. Written exam.

You will qualify as passed for a written exam when you reach 75%. The curriculum of the exam covers general kinesiological knowledge.

If you fail the written exam, you can write the test several times. You can only go for oral and practical exams if you have successfully completed the written part.

2. Oral theoretical and practical exam. You have to present the balancing / diffusion process of the kinesiology system you have studied.

At each level, TFH 14 muscle test is the entrance test.

Anyone who has an IKC International Exam will automatically receive the registration for that appropriate level. No other exam will be necessary. Your contribution fee is 50% of the registration and exam fees for the given level.

Suggested Topics in Psychology, Communication, Self-knowledge:
(also available through the Foundation)
  • Developmental psychology
  • Personality types
  • Healing connection
  • Family therapy
  • Transaction analysis
  • Basics of psychotherapy
  • Conflict Management Methods
  • Child Graphics Symbolism
  • Tale symbolism
  • Nonviolent communication
  • Mediation training

Benefits of registration:

  • A registration certificate

    certifying that you are working on the code of ethics and the international standards at the given level of registration.

  • Protection of interests

    Representation of our profession before the Hungarian state, authorities and other organizations.

  • Fáma – Rumour

    Professional information letter.

  • Discounted book purchase option
  • Preferential training opportunities
  • Attendance at a professional conference at discounted price

    The extent of the discount can vary according to a tender subject to individual evaluation. You can find out about our opportunities on our site or from our Fáma.

  • Preferential supervision
  • Preferential continuing education opportunities

    The preferential fee for the continuing education options may vary depending on tenders subject to individual evaluation. You can find out about our opportunities on our site or from our Fáma.

  • Discounted fee of appearance on our website

    Through our website we promote the profession of kinesiology, and as a registered member you can also enjoy these benefits.

  • Help with liability insurance
    We recommend you a specialist.
  • Registered member list
    The names of all our registered members are listed on our website and are recommended for those turning to us.
  • Forum (meeting) and Téka (library)

    You can read more about the Forum HERE and about Téka HERE.

Internationally accepted kinesiology systems available in Hungary:

Trainings available through the Foundation:

  1. Touch for Health/Gyógyító érintés
  2. Three in One Concepts®/Három az egyben koncepció
  3. Educational Kinesiology®/Pedagógiai kineziológia
  4. Wellness Kinesiology/Jó közérzet kineziológiája
  5. LEAP®
  6. Neuroenergetic Kinesiology/Neuroenergetikai kineziológia
  7. SIPS
  8. Applied Physiology/Alkalmazott fiziológia
  9. Biokinesiology/Biokineziológia
  10. Kinesiologie sportive/Sport kineziológia
  11. Hyperton-X

Trainings available through Zöldkagyló LLC.:

  1. Professional Kinesiology Practicum/Professzionális Kineziológiai Praktikum
  2. Kinergetics
  3. Transformational Kinesiology/Transzformációs kineziológia

Through individual accreditation process, certifications issued by other internationally accepted kinesiology organizations may also be accepted. Repeated seminars are also accepted in the total of study hours.

Az egyes rendszerek leírását és oktatóikat nézd meg IDE KATTINTVA!

Kinesiology systems and levels available from Hungarian instructors:

Touch for Health I-IV. (64 hours)

TFH Metaphors (16 hours)

TFH Proficiency (16 hours)

TFH for children (3 hours)

Three in One Concepts®(One Brain®)  level I-X.  (259 hours)

Mini seminars

Wellness Kinesiology (Stress Release)

Stress Release I-IV. (40 hours)

SR Personality marks (24 hours)

SR Energy centers (8 hours)

SR Acupressure and alleviation of pain (3 hours)

SR Dealing with difficulties (16 hours)

Educational Kinesiology® (Brain gym®)

Brain Gym® 101 (28 hours)

Optimal Brain Organization 201 (21 hours)

Seven dimensions of intelligence 301 (32 hours)

Brain Gym® Instructor course (35 hours)

Brain formatting (21 hours)

Total: 746 hours